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Reducing liability

Shepherd Property Consultants represented the tenant, the childrens’ charity KIDS, when the lease term on their office premises had reached expiry.

The charity had been served with a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations, and reached out to us for our expert support in negotiations, and in doing so, we were delighted to be able to reduce their liability by over 60%.

“SPC really helped us focus on the right things, so being able to get everything concluded with the landlord for such a reduced amount, well that was just brilliant! The saving of £26000 can be spent on much better things and directly benefit disabled children, young people and their families.”

Helen Ellis, Chief Operating Officer, KIDS

It is always gratifying to be able to reduce a client’s liability by such a significant margin, but when working with a charity such as KIDS that feeling is amplified by knowing how much of an impact we can have by reducing their expenditure by such a large amount.

KIDS create create life-changing opportunities for children and young people with Special Educational Educational Needs and Disabilities, and their funding supports playgroups, workshops, sensory equipment and much more – we would urge you to have a look at their website if you have the time.

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