The Links, GU22



When taking on the management of this estate, which in 2013 from a pension fund, we found that it had been poorly managed, and services were below a desirable standard.

Soft landscaping had not been attended to, parking was uncontrolled, estate lighting was in disrepair and unserviced drainage had caused blockages and localised flooding.

As well as delivering a much higher standard of service, providing a better working environment for the users of the estate, through appropriate and specific cost management, we were also able to reduce the service charges for the leaseholders. This has resulted in higher occupancy and better tenant retention, as well as an uplift in overall rents.

Over the years, we have also overseen the design and installation of uniform estate signage, project managed external refurbishment and window and door replacements, and represented the landlord in several building surveying, agency, lease renewal and rent review instructions.

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